Warning: All Firefighters with High Blood Pressure – The Wrong Choice of Medicine CAN Kill You!

4 Life Saving Tips About Controlling Blood Pressure – What your Doctor may not know could be putting You at Risk!

Have you read the 2007 on controlling Blood Pressure?  If not you should know that there are 4 common ways to control blood pressure and, more importantly in our case as firefighters, how each of these impact you and your men.

For example… what happens when you take a diuretic or water pill?  Doctors commonly prescribe these medications, thiazides, to the general public.

But if you are fighting fires wearing bunker gear, or Wildland Fires on a Hot Texas Summer Day… is that really the best thing for you?   Heck No!

Take a moment to read this great article on Firefighter Rehab and High Blood Pressure for more on this and 3 other critical strategies you should know from Chief Evans who is the fire chief and a paramedic at the Upper Pine River Fire Protection District in Bayfield, Colo.

It may just save a life… could be yours.  And, as always, talk to your Doctor about what you do for a living.

***No Medical Advice is being given in any way shape or for.  You need to discuss with your own personal doctor what treatments are right for you… and give them all your Facts and History.  Explore the different Options and come up with a plan together.

Stay safe out there.


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